Tuesday, May 22, 2007

St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

Today I was at St Columba's Catholic Boys' School in Bexley. I'd been invited over by the school's lay chaplain for a meeting to bring together the Head Teacher, Chaplaincy, RE Department and Southwark Vocations.
The school was very keen to find ways in which they could promote vocations amongst the boys and I was very keen to be able to offer them any assistance we can. We discussed the importance of fostering an encounter with Christ in each person - that encounter will eventually lead to a vocations discernment. We spoke about the great value of the prayer group at the school and also about the importance of encouraging service projects: contact with the less privileged can bring out great generosity in young people. We also spoke about the possibility of taking some of the youngsters to our 'Discovering Priesthood' days and about organising a day retreat for one of the year groups.

It was great for me to visit the school and meet the staff. I was impressed by the calm and orderly atmosphere, the courtesy of the boys and most especially by the fact that a large space had been made available for a Chapel at the heart of one of the new buildings.

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