Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Primary School Vocations Day

Blogging has been difficult lately - more problems with the internet connection. Hopefully all resolved now (is there a 'fingers crossed' emoticon?).

Good news last week - we had a vocations day at our parish primary school, building on an initial experiment last year. This time we finished the theme of vocations by having special presentations to years five and six. I took two morning classes on priesthood and Sr Jacinthe OP took two classes on religious life. We then spent the lunch break in the playground meeting as many children as possible. With year five I focused on priesthood more in the sense of what a priest does. For year six the emphasis was more on the sense of vocations. I knew our head teacher would be interested to know what was going on, so I tried to make sure that my sessions reflected Ofsted good practice (lesson plan, differentiation, pace, vocabulary enrichment, intelligent use of props etc). It was a good day and we both had very intelligent questions from the children.

Looking after schools can be a major part of a priest's life. Eleven years ago our parish school was deemed by Ofsted to have 'serious weaknesses'. Now, after a lot of work, it is a fantastic school where each child has an opportunity to flourish. It has certainly been well worth the effort.

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