Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who is Stephen Langridge?

People sometimes comment that they rarely (if ever) see a picture of me on the internet. So I thought it about time I posted a photo of Stephen Langridge - but it does require some explanation...

On Monday I received an email from Stephen Langridge who had 'googled' his name and found various posts referring to me. Since we live practically round the corner from each other we arranged to meet for lunch on Friday. When your surname is relatively uncommon it is a bit odd to open the door to someone who introduces himself as you! It was, however, a very pleasant encounter and we found that, apart from the name, Stephen and I had a number of things in common. There is only about a year's difference between us. We are both fathers - although not in the same sense! We both have a working knowledge of German, Italian and Spanish. However, in one important respect we are very different: Stephen Langridge is a well known director of opera whereas, as any parishioner would testify, I'd be distinguished rather for my musical inability.
I was curious about 'googling' the name and Stephen explained that he keeps a check on reviews of his work and has set up a 'google alert'. Google allows you to register key words and will send you an email when they appear on websites. It sounds a useful tool and I must set one up for the vocations work. Amusingly, Stephen emailed the following day to say that he's received another alert that morning "about you of course" :o).

So this post is not about vocations at all. It is for Stephen Langridge - the consolation of a alert referring to this blog where there is finally a post about him!


Anonymous said...

When is the cut off date for entry thi this year to the seminary courses starting in September? My understanding is that there is an assessment weekend in London in April/May

Fulgencio Espa said...

very interesting, Fr.Stephen. I think that I'll never have the oportunity to find other 'fulgencio Espa'... Ok, there is one: my father.
See you soon.

Surfer said...

How interesting - Thank you.

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for your question. I've just come back from the Selection Conference so I'll do a post on the whole question of timetable.
God Bless