Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fresh Air

I'm thinking of buying a bike. I go into central London about once a week and with the extension of the Congestion Charge zone I now have to pay £8 for the dubious privilege. Additionally, yesterday I had to cough up an additional £12 for a couple of hour's parking. I'd soon recover the cost of a bike and get some exercise to boot.

This new found fervour for exercise is partly fuelled by a Bank Holiday walk in Surrey. I've got a rather handy book entitled "Pub Walks". The idea is that you meet at a pub for lunch and then go for a post-prandial ramble. We met at the Queen Victoria just outside Guildford and then went for a walk along the River Wye. It was very enjoyable and as you can see from the photograph above we passed some very pretty little places.
Some people don't like these guide books, preferring to use the Ordinance Survey maps. Personally I find them useful in unfamiliar territory and full of interesting information that one might otherwise miss. I doubt, for example, that I'd have seen this plaque unless the book had alerted me to its presence.
Since Monday I've been making use of the Easter lull to try to restore a certain degree of order to the house and catch up on office work. I found I had 250 unanswered emails :o( Now I'm down to forty five which is much more reasonable.

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