Thursday, March 22, 2007

The St Joseph's Young Priest Society

Tomorrow afternoon I catch a flight to Dublin in order to speak on Saturday at the AGM of the St Joseph's Young Priest Society. The Society was founded in 1895 by Olivia Mary Taaffe, a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to the missionary activity of the Church. The Society she founded continues to flourish today, promoting, fostering and sustaining vocations to the priesthood under the patronage of St Joseph. In 1994, when her biography was written, the Society had nearly 100,000 members and raised nearly one million pounds to help finance the education of seminarians at home and abroad.

There won't be much time to sample the delights of Dublin's 'fair city - where the girls are so pretty!' because I have to fly back on Saturday afternoon in order to be here for Sunday. Still I'm looking forward to the trip and staying overnight with Fr Ronnie, an old priest friend.

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