Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lenten Day

Today we had great fun in the parish as we welcomed the Missionaries of Charity and some of the children from their catechism class. The Mother Theresa nuns take a fourth vow of whole-hearted and free service to the poorest of the poor. They lead tough lives in solidarity with the people they serve.
I was very impressed by the knowledge of the children who came with the sisters to the parish today. They knew well their bible stories and the basic elements of the faith. One lad wanted to know what transubstantiation means. As I spent time with the children I recalled that Mother Theresa is supposed to have said something about encountering real poverty in the developed world. These were not street children such as you might meet in Calcutta, or Rio, or Manila but their poverty was of a different order. When I spoke to them about loving our parents one of them confided that there were ten brothers and sisters at home - but no mum. Once again I learnt to appreciate the wonderful work of the Sisters who week after week bring faith and hope and joy and love into the lives of these little ones.

Today the programme was quite simple. We began with a discussion on the Passion of Jesus, the we had a period of Adoration while Confessions were heard. Before lunch we prayed the Rosary. After lunch there was time to run off sugar and 'E-numbers' before Stations of the Cross. Then we watched a cartoon about one of the Commandments. It was a great joy to welcome the children to the parish.

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