Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello Honolulu!

No, I'm not off on holiday! In fact I doubt that I'll ever visit Hawaii (just like most of my parishioners) but I notice from Sitemeter (slowly juddering back in to life) that we've had a couple of distant visitors today. So Hello Honolulu and Welcome Iraq!

My trip to Canterbury went really well. I am very impressed by the work that Fr Peter is doing down there. He has been Chaplain for nearly ten years and this year he notched up his sixty-fifth convert. Amongst those he's recently received into the Church is the Captain of the American Football Team - now there has to be some street cred there! I was glad to meet him at the talk although we had to agree to differ on the relative merits of American Football and Rugby.

I stayed overnight at the chaplaincy so that I could call in on Southwark Catholic Youth Services this morning. I'd like to work more with John Toryusen and his team. What makes it hard is simpy the distance between London and Whitstable.

I drove back via East Grinstead where I attended the Day of Recollection for priests at Wickenden Manor. There were about fifteen of us there. I had to leave a bit early in the afternoon in order to get back to the parish in time to pick up some vestments for a Mass at St Ethelreda's, Ely Place this evening. It was a Requiem Mass for Peter Bearcroft, a wonderful, holy and charming old man who was always a great friend and supporter when I was in Maidstone. He was greatly involved in both ecumenical and inter-faith activities and it was good to see many non-Catholics also present at the Mass. Bishop John Hine presided and Fr Michael Seed preached. I enjoyed meeting many of my former parishioners at the reception afterwards.

Tomorrow I'll say the 6.45am Mass before heading off to Downham to give a presentation at a Careers' Fayre in the Christ the King Sixth Form College. We have to set up the display at 8.00am and then give the first presentation at 9.15. It's the first time we've done something on this scale and I hope it will be worthwhile.

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