Monday, March 19, 2007

The Gospel of Life

Re-reading Evangelium Vitae for the talk at St Patrick's today was very rewarding. The Pope offers some stimulating insights into the nature of society and human freedom. He strongly encourages us all to be involved in the task of promoting a culture of life. He also has some very simple, moving words which he addresses to women who have undergone an abortion. I am tempted to lift them from the document and publish them in our parish newsletter.

As usual it was good to meet the students at the Evangelisation School. Two of them are applying for the priesthood this year and a third is still discerning his vocation. Over lunch there was a great discussion among the girls about which saint to take as an intercessor to find a husband. St Anne seemed to be the front-runner...

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Clare said...

One can't help wondering why none of the girls are considering the religious life.