Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Friends with Christ Retreat

Have you made a retreat yet this year? If not it's not too late to sign up for the Friends with Christ Retreat that will take place in London from 27th - 29th April. It is for young men aged between 16 & 25. Itwill be led by Fr Richard Aladics who, along with Fr Julian Greene, developed the format of the Friends with Christ Retreats.
It is not a Vocations Retreat. Rather its purpose is to help us discern the foundation of our lives, namely friendship with Christ. Over the weekend the participants are led through the process of what it means to be a Christian: openness to Christ, overcoming the barriers to a relationship with him, what Christ gives to the relationship, what we can in turn to build the relationship.

To book a place please contact us at Southwark Vocations. There is no charge for the retreat.

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