Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Eternal Word Television Network

Readers of this Blog will know that at the beginning of Lent I was tied up filming a series of meditations for EWTN, the Global Catholic Network. The five meditations, each one lasting half an hour, will be broadcast during Holy Week as EWTN's Holy Week Retreat. According to the schedule the daily meditation will be broadcast three times every day: at 2.30am; at 2.30pm and at 8.30pm. They are available on the Hotbird satellite and also on Sky Television*.
These are general spiritual conferences reflecting on Holy Week themes. For anyone interested specifically in something on priesthood and priestly vocations, I suppose the Maundy Thursday mediation will be most appropriate. Please pray that this little contribution to the apostolate of the Eternal Word Television Network will do good to some of the people who watch it. I am praying for two things: that at least one person be inspired to go back to Confession, and that for at least one young man something I say may lead him a step further along the road to priesthood.

* Eurobird 28.5' East (Digital) Frequency 11390 MHz Polarity Vertical. SKY Digital EPG#0147


Alexander said...

I'm gonna have to be sure to watch the Thursday one.

Fr Stephen said...

I hope you find it helpful.

Anonymous said...

EWTN is also available on the web:-