Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today I am driving down to Canterbury in order to give a talk this evening at the Catholic Chaplaincy. I'll be taking down a box of Vocations News to distribute to the deanery. I'm also going to call in on the Apple Store on the way to look into possibilities for my new Vocations Office - I'm quite keen to move away from the Microsoft hegemony and I know lots of Apple converts so it seems a good idea to check it out at least. I'm lucky because this week we have an American youth worker staying with us who's an expert on matters technical.

Fr Peter Geldard runs an excellent set up at the Chaplaincy. I spoke there last year, during final exams, and we had a full house. One of those present at that talk is now a Southwark seminarian. One of Fr Peter's converts is also a Southwark Seeker. I'm grateful for the invitation to speak again, this time earlier in the year so that there will be more time for follow-up with anyone who may be considering priesthood.

I'm going to stay overnight and in the morning plan to pay a flying visit to the Southwark Youth Services which is nearby in Whitstable. John and his team are busy planning the trip to next year's World Youth Day. One of the projects they are organising to raise money has certainly caught the imagination of some of the clergy: sponsored golf!


Tom said...

Indeed, I was a simple student then ... as I am now actually.

That talk had a great effect on lots of our guys at the Catholic Society. One important and instant benefit was to create a conversation about 'vocation' within the society.

Please pray for us here in Valladolid, as we come up to our hectic and very public holy week.

Fr Stephen said...

Hi Tom
thanks for the comment. You are certainly in our prayers.