Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where I will be tomorrow...

Tomorrow I am flying to Scotland for a brief visit to St Andrew's where I'll be addressing the university's Catholic Society. I hear all sorts of excellent reports about the Society so I'm looking forward to meeting the students. The title they've given me is the somewhat provocative one of "Where have all the vocations gone and how do we get them back?" I sort of feel that there will be a good few suggestions from the floor as to how to address the second part of that!
Anyway, I won't be back until Thursday evening. I've booked an afternoon flight so as not to be too rushed in the morning. Please say a prayer that the talk does some good.


Christopher said...

Looking forward to meeting you, Father!

Liam (Canmore VP & Webmaster) said...

Father, your talk along with the rest of the talks we've hosted in the past one and a half years are available for download here.

Thank-you very much for coming to talk to us, everyone; myself included, found it helpful and interesting.