Friday, February 16, 2007


Today I met up with seven men considering their vocation. One of them is currently working his way through the Maryvale Course for Religious and Pre-Seminarians. This is a modular course that covers the whole Catechism over the course of a year. The person doing this course is considering what his precise vocation may be. In particular, he is trying to discern whether his call lies with the secular clergy or in a religious community. This can be a very difficult thing to discern and my advice is always to begin by looking at one or the other - rather than both at the same time. This particular candidate is currently looking more towards religious life but stays in contact and finds the Maryvale Course very helpful.
Later I met up with one of this year's applicants. The process of getting all the paperwork sorted can be quite drawn out and this evening we had to discuss possible references. Unfortunately he wasn't able to stay for the Seekers' Meeting that followed this evening at 7.00pm. Lent is just round the corner and so the theme tonight was "The Cross". For the period of spiritual reading or lectio we took the Papal message for Lent. It was very good to have it read aloud and we really had a chance to reflect on it.
Numbers were a bit depleted tonight - there were five Seekers present, two of whom are applying this year. There are a further two applicants who weren't present bringing the total up to five. Please keep them in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if Maryvale have changed their email address? (I've had no reply, and was thinking I might phone them)

Fr Stephen said...

Hello Mark
I wasn't aware of any change of email address at Maryvale. Perhaps it would be best to call them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Father. I shall call them during the week.