Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Seekers' Meeting

On Friday we have another Seekers' Meeting. These take place here in Balham each month and are for young men interested in the priesthood. You don't need to have decided that priesthood is definitely for you - that's not the nature of a Seekers' Meeting.

What happens is that we have some input on the nature of Christian life and prayer. In that way it can be of benefit to everyone who comes - whatever their vocation may be. Of course these meetings are for those for whom priesthood may be a possibility, so there is a priestly 'slant' on what we say, but it is very much for those who are still trying to discern God's will for their lives.

The Seekers' Meetings are a good way of coming in contact with other young men who are considering the priesthood as a possible vocation. These contacts are important: sometimes they can be a great source of encouragement, especially if we feel others don't understand why we might be thinking about priesthood.

Seekers' Meetings begin here at 7.00pm. After the more formal meeting we have a very informal supper together. It's useful to know how many to cater for, so if you would like to come please let me know. There is no charge & no obligation! You can email me at Southwarkvocations.

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