Sunday, February 11, 2007


On Ash Wednesday and the day after there will be a recording crew from EWTN, Mother Angelica's Catholic television network, here in the parish. They are coming to film a series of five meditations that will be broadcast during Holy Week.
I recently had a 'phone call from EWTN asking whether there was any chance of arranging for a 'congregation' of forty or so young people who could provide a backdrop. Apparently it helps the editors to have some 'B-roll' that they can cut in and out of.
So here's the deal: We invite you to join us for Holy Mass at 9.30am on Ash Wednesday. After Mass the Church has to be prepared as for Holy Week (statues veiled etc). Then you provide the congregation until lunch time, when we treat you to an Ash Wednesday lunch of soup, rols & cheese.
For more information contact us at Southwarkvocations.

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