Friday, February 02, 2007

National Office for Vocation

Fr Paul & Judith logged on to Southwarkvocations

Having only recently taken over as Vocations Director it was good to have a visit today from Fr Paul Embery and Judith Eydmann from the National Office for Vocation. Fr Paul was able to take me through the requirements of the applications process and answer some questions that have arisen about the various forms that need to be filled in. We were also able to chat informally and exchange ideas about vocations promotion and youth ministry in general. It was nice to hear that they appreciate this Blog and very much support it, and also to hear independently that it is praised by other agencies of the Bishop's Conference. Judith is the development co-ordinator of the National Office. She contacted me recently looking for photographs that could be used in promotional material. I was able to let her browse the computer was Fr Paul and I prepared lunch.

The NOV website has lots of information that might be of use to anyone considering their vocation, whatever it may be. It also looks after the site dedicated specifically to priesthood in England and Wales. They were particularly interested in the work being done in both Southwark and Leeds to promote the idea of a priestly vocation among younger men. Next week we have our first 'Discovering Priesthood Day' of the New Year (for under 18s) and I've promised to send them a report.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Fr Stephen. You bring a lot to the position, I think.

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for that Mark. The Blog has been a particularly successful way of keeping in contact with people.