Thursday, February 15, 2007

Latest Advertising Campaign for Southwark Vocations

Actually it's nothing to do with the post - but we need a picture occasionally!

On Monday I was working on the five talks I have to give next week for EWTN. I was rather concerned on Monday evening to find that I didn't seem to have made much progress and was glad to have set aside today to work on them as well. Apart from having to attend to a mechanic who came to replace the windscreen in my car, today was a free day (Thursday is my 'day off') so I celebrated Mass quite early (7.15am) and went to a nearby parish house where I knew I was unlikely to be disturbed.

This evening I am much happier! I've now worked out the topics for the five talks, and have sufficient notes on all of them to prepare something quite decent (I hope!). Preaching at last night's Evening of Recollection was very helpful - I always work out what I'm going to say, but I don't usually write out my sermons. To preach meditations I use little cards with notes on them. I realised last night that it would probably be best to have a hard copy of what I'm going to say. Fortunately I've also set aside time on Monday so I should be able to get them typed up then.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Deans' Meeting with the Area Bishop (our dean is away and has asked me to stand in). It includes lunch which will be nice. In the afternnon I am seeing three men about a possible priestly vocation and then, in the evening we have our Seekers' Meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Fr Stephen is going to be on EWTN! Cool!