Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Evening of Recollection

Tonight I will be preaching at the monthly Evening of Recollection for men in the parish. We have two recollections each month, one for men the other for women. Sometimes I'm asked why we don't combine them. The answer I give usually is sufficient explanation: these monthly mini-retreats are meant to be challenging. We hear the points that are made and seek to apply them to our own life - not to that of our spouse. It would be awful to say something when giving a meditation that then became ammunition in an argument at home! I might remind the men, for example, that they should be considerate to their wives and express that consideration in practical details - by bringing a gift home on Valentine's Day. I wouldn't want a wife to complain, "See, even the priest said you should do such and such..."
Anyway, I won't in fact be venturing into such dangerous waters tonight. The first meditation will be about the Mass and the second will look at 'unity of life' or how we live our Christian faith with integrity. There will also be a talk given by a lay man and some time for examination of conscience and spiritual reading while I hear Confessions. The evening ends with Benediction at 9.00pm.
Pope John Paul once said that our parishes should become 'schools of prayer'. It is very much at the heart of priestly ministry that we should teach people to pray. Our Evenings of Recollection are one of the ways we seek to do this in our parish.

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