Saturday, February 10, 2007

Discovering Priesthood

Bishop Paul with the Group

Today we had a great group of lads join us for the first 'Discovering Priesthood Day' of 2007. These days are for youngsters between 14 and 18 years of age and are designed to help them think about the theme of vocation and also give them an insight into the life and ministry of a diocesan priest.

Bishop Paul Hendricks joined us for the day and was amused by the morning's vocation presentation drawing on themes from the Lord of the Rings. He celebrated Mass for us at midday and spoke encouragingly about the vocation to priesthood and all that it entails.

Fifteen young people joined us for the day, a good number for a healthy game of football after lunch. This was followed by the film 'Fishers of Men', I was impressed that everyone there had already seen it, and even more that they were all keen to see it again. It led into a discussion about priesthood, including consideration of why some people might be hesitant about applying today. Interestingly, it was repeated several times that fear of what one's friends would say would put some people off. This was more of an issue that 'what a priest has to give up'. To my mind it shows the importance of vocations events such as today's.

In the afternoon we also had a great session of "Bishop on the Hot Seat". We'd invited written questions for Bishop Paul to answer which were interspersed with questions from the floor. There were some great questions: "Now that you're a bishop would you say that you've reached the height of your career or is there something left you want to do?" Bishop Paul gave thoughtful answers to each of them gently bringing out points that would make them think and encourage them in their vocational journey.
All in all it was a great day and we thank you for your prayers. Now we look forward to our next one which will be in June.


Thomasso said...

Father - you're doing great work. May God richly reward your efforts.

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks Thomasso. Please keep our work in your prayers. Without the bedrock of prayer we would be wasting out time.