Thursday, February 08, 2007

Discovering Priesthood Day

Today I've been catching up on emails. I've managed to get my in-box down to 66 items. It sounds a lot (I started with over 200 this morning!). The reason it builds up is that if I'm expecting a reply to my answer I leave the original in the in-tray. Anyway after a couple of solid hours I've managed to file things away and get it looking more respectable.
I've also been working on some of the content for the Saturday's 'Discovering Priesthood Day'. We are expecting about fifteen young men between the ages of 14 & 18 as well as a couple of helpers and a number of priests. These days are an important initiative in the diocese and I would like to commend them to your prayers.


roddy said...

Hi Fr. Stephen!!
It's a very good blog. Thank you!!
un abrazo,


Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for the comment Roddy. You must be coming up for ordinations soon. When will it be?