Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back to the Blogosphere

Given that I've not posted since last Saturday, I was expecting the site meter to register a radical reduction in the number of hits this week so I was surprised to see that we are still averaging just under eighty a day. Thanks for your patience and no, I haven't given up posting for Lent.
This week was even more hectic than usual. During half-term we can usually expect a quiet 'Open House' on Monday evening but in fact it went on non-stop way beyond the two hours usually allotted for it. Tuesday I was supposed to go to Wonersh for St John's Day but in the end it became impossible: I heard on Sunday of a friend from a former parish who had been taken seriously ill and was in intensive care. I was able to anoint him and spend some time with his family. Not being at Wonersh gave me time to put the finishing touches to the Holy Week reflections for EWTN.
Wednesday and Thursday were totally given over to filming with the EWTN crew (more about that in a future post perhaps). On Friday, in between visitors, spiritual direction, and the odd sick call, I was able to prepare the talk I was to give at St Josephs, New Malden to being their Lenten Mission which they have called "Catholicism for the Curious". It was well-attended with a good mixture of ages and nationalities present. Afterwards I met a young man considering a vocation to the priesthood - please keep him in your prayers.

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