Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Youth Discernment

I was recently introduced to a new site that is being built in the United States for young people discerning a vocation to priesthood or religious life. You can get to the the homepage by clicking on the title of this post. Alternatively you can go straight to the Forum by clicking here.
The Forum currently has twenty-two members but I reckon that will grow exponentially as it becomes more widely known.

At present, of course, most of the members are from the US but there are two of us flying the British Flag! Why not sign up and help swell our numbers? The Forum provides a place where you can ask all your vocation questions and hear what other people have to say. It's certainly a worthwhile initiative and - even if you don't sign up - I'd encourage you to say a Memorare for its success. It looks set to become a veritable almanac of vocation information.


James said...

thanks for that Father, and there are 3 of us- you and I and Fr Tim. But I don't know the Memorare? Can you enlighten me?

Fr Stephen said...

Certainly. The Memorare is a prayer to Our Lady attributed to St Bernard. It has various English translations all of which usually begin "Memember, O most loving Virgin Mary...". Here's a website that gives the Latin and English texts and also something of its history:
It's a prayer I say every day as part of my thanksgiving after celebrating Holy Mass, just after the Prayer for England written by Cardinal Merry del Val.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Stephen
Thank you for the great website! May I invite you to visit - a comprehensive Catholic vocation resource for the Church?

I thank God for the gift of your vocation.
Your's in Christ

Fr Stephen said...

Hello Mary
Thanks for that. I know it does a great service, particularly organising global adoration for vocations.
Fr Stephen