Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Preparing for Sydney

It's not just the tax man who wants to hear from us by the end of this month. I was surprised to read on the World Youth Day website that registration for Sydney 2008 is also closing. It seems early particularly given that WYDs are supposed to be for young people. Whenwas the last time you decided on anything that wasn't at the last minute?
I remember being surprised talking to the organisers of Cologne WJT ten months before the event that they were so convinced there wouldn't be any late-comers: "No that is not possible. In Canada some people attended without paying. That cannot happen here". I didn't say anything, but I had a mental picture of them trying to repel an invasion of twenty thousand Spanish coaches. German efficiency v Spanish complacency - who would win?

On the other hand, there's probably not much chance enormous hoardes of last minute invaders from Europe. The costs are high - even by our standards - and a cool £2K is a lot of money to come up with unless you've been saving.

But even so, WYD is an experience not to be missed if you can possibly help it. And Australia is going to be awesome! I'm particlarly keen to go for another reason: my brother and his family have just emigrated out there, and I doubt I'd ever get another chance to visit them. So if you'd like to travel to WYD with Southwarkvocations let me know. You can send me an email.

In the meantime it's worth whetting your appetite at the WYD webpage. It's also worth subscribing to the WYD e-newsletter. You can download the latest edition in pdf format here. It's dedicated to the theology of the body and a Christian understanding of sex.


Anonymous said...

So if you'd like to travel to WYD with Southwarkvocations let me know
- Ach, it sounds tempting, but it's a lot of money. :-(
...though I do recall how stinking jealous I was when, as an Anglican, I realised WYD05 had happened and was an amazing event. The resgistration packages described confused me too...

Anonymous said...

P.S. Father, re:
registration for Sydney 2008 is also closing
-- in the newsletter it says "Youth Leaders Formation Course (YLFC) .... so visit the website to get instructions on how to apply for this faith and pilgrimage formation opportunity of a life time."

Elsewhere on the website it says that general registration for WYD08 will not open until mid-2007, with more information being posted in February '07.

Anonymous said...


pilgrim registration will start in July O7.

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for the corrections. I misread the details on the site. It's good to know that we still have time to register!