Thursday, January 25, 2007

From Sun God to Suncream

This albino horse receives protection by suncream (really!)

A few weeks ago I posted on Apocalypto, the latest blockbuster from Mel Gibson. If you've seen the film you'll know that Gibson portrays the Mayan culture that went in for human sacrifice. There are disturbing scenes of human sacrifice with young men being disembowelled reminiscent of the deaths of many of our English martyrs. Tonight I had supper with a group of people that included one who is studying Medical Science. Her subject covers human embryo experimentation as well as many other activities of the culture of death.

We often hear that experiments on human embryos are necessary to further the causes of medical science and the treatment of the sick. Really? Tonight I learned that most of these embryos are sold to companies who use them to test allergies in new food products and cosmetic products such as hand and sun creams.

So the culture of death is represented by the Mayans who sacrificed human life to the Sun God. Today it is represented by scientists who sacrifice it to sun cream!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fr Stephen for this very important news. Perhaps we could start a petition requesting that there should now be a label on all products which have been tested on the unborn child, just as there are on those products which haven't been tested on fluffy little rabbits! Fr James

Fr Stephen said...

Let me know when you get it going and I'll sign.