Friday, January 19, 2007

The Field of Hudd

Tomorrow I am going away for a week to Huddersfield. "Where?", people keep asking me. For those of you who have the good fortune to dwell south of Harrods, Huddersfield is in the North. It also has its own very impressive coat of arms. One of the great things about Huddersfiled is that it nestles in amongst some dramatic countryside. So there will be plenty of opportunities to get out for a walk. I used to enjoy hill-walking a lot but since moving to the heart of London it's difficult to do much (the prospect of being in the car a full hour just to get out of the city manages to put me off every time!).

I'm actually going to stay on the outskirts of the city in an area known as Sheepridge, in the parish of Fr Richard Aladics of Friends with Christ fame. Huddersfield was once painted by Lowry, but I don't know if I'll find any matchstick men or matchstick cats and dogs in Sheepridge - Fr Richard's culinary expertise is well known!

Since I'll be driving up tomorrow I'm going to miss a VERY IMPORTANT milestone in the history of this Blog. Tomorrow we are going to get out 10,000th visit. Yes, that's ten thousand visits to this Blog since it started in June. Given that we're something of a 'niche market' in the Blogosphere I think that's quite good. I'd really like to know who our ten thousandth visitor may be. So - if, when you log onto this site, you see the number 10,000 appear in the side bar PLEASE send us an email or a Comment in the combox. Just click on Comment at the bottom of this post. You have three choices: 1 - reveal your identity; 2 - invent a name; or 3 - sign on as Anonymous (I'd rather you went for 1 or 2).

Sunday is my birthday. So say a prayer for me that day please :o)


Fr Kevin Dow said...

Hi Fr Stephen, so is there a prize for being the 10,000 visitor to your site? If so I claim it! I have become a bit of a regular visitor to your blog since meeting you in Ireland and chatting with you at Dublin airport, and I always find it of great interest.

Last night I made use of the DVD "Fishers of Men" in the parish and had 5 youngsters turn up to watch (& eat the pizza) there were mixed comments about it.

I also had great news about one of my parishioners who has been accepted to study for the priesthood wih the Salisians down in England somewhere!?

Also is there space in your group for going to the WYD? I have been to the last 4 and am considering going again, but not with my diocese (long story). I also have a young parishioner that would like to go (possible vocation).

keep up the good work

Fr Kevin Dow

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. Stephen! Congratulations on the blog milestone. I'm a regular reader and very pleased to see the 10,000 come up as I log on at 10:40 Friday night. Our son Henry who is at SPES just returned from a retreat with Fr. Richard Aladics and said it was the best he's ever been on. I hope you have a wonderful visit in Huddersfield, and we'll certainly be praying for you on your birthday Sunday! Thanks again for all you do.


Fr Richard Aladics said...

Huddersfield awaits. There could be snow on them 'ills this week - so we should have some interesting photos to put on our respective Blogs. I'll look after your Vocations Director well.

Fr Stephen said...

Thank you Katy & Fr Kevin. I don't know how we get two 10,000th visitors but I'm sure that Data will be able to explain! (I don't imagine it means we've really had twenty thousand...). I should explain that Kate's comment came as an email that I then posted - which is why it seems so much later than Fr Kevin's.
Fr Kevin keep up the good work - but keep back some of the vocations for your own diocese, I'm sure it needs them! I'm now esconced in the Field of Hudd and looking forward to the snow! Fr Richard is preparing some unctious chicken for tonight....

Fr Julian Green said...

Well I wish I were there with the two of you in Huddersfield. Unfortunately it's not possible this time. Hasta pronto mis hermanos.