Monday, January 15, 2007

Catholic Youth Ministry

Yesterday I had an email drawing my attention to a number of great initiatives around the world that are helping to promote vocations. One of these is taking place in Melbourne and is organised by their diocesan Catholic Youth Ministry.

It's called Six30 and the webpage described it thus:
Each Thursday since Advent 2000, CYM has been hosting holy hours; nights when anyone can come to St Patrick's Cathedral and spend an hour in prayer and adoration of the Lord.This gathering has come to be known as six30 (since we start at 6:30pm).
Six30 is now beginning to catch on in other parishes around the diocese. During Adoration a priest is available for Confession and also to give a short reflection. Afterwards anyone present is invited to 'chill out' with coffee and pizza. It's worth visiting the CYM webpage. It's attractive and well-presented, there's a useful explanation of what Eucharistic Adoration is (and what it's
not!) and there's also a good quote from the great John Paul II. There are even some low and high resolution images like the one here to download for you to advertise your own Six30 in your local parish! How about getting together with some friends and doing something similar here in Southwark?
Oh, and if you're a priest in Melbourne, you can email CYM to offer to help out!

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