Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Becoming a Priest

I've just discovered that the ploy of repeating one or two key phrases does work at pushing you up the ladder of Google results. If you Google 'becoming a priest' we appear on page two. We're still lagging after the other diocese but I think that's because of the prominence given to vocations on their diocesan website...
When the Archbishop was here we spoke about the blog and its potential importance in helping someone become a priest. The following email, which came just before Christmas, is evidence of how this Blog can help people find out about becoming a Catholic priest:

Dear Father,
I've recently completed the application process for diocesan priesthood [not Southwark, ed.]. I just wanted to say thank you.
The process has had lots of ups and downs and your blog has been really helpful. I'm currently a doctor and to say that my friends and colleagues are dead against my decision wouldn't do their vehemence justice! The blog has really helped when I've felt disheartened or 'alien' in my decision making process. It seems that I'm not on my own after all! Thanks for making it seem a lot more normal.
Thanks again

If you are considering a vocation to the priesthood and would like to talk it about it to someone send us and email at Southwark Vocations.


Kurt said...

It helps a lot if you can get other sites with information about "becoming a priest" to link to you.

Google uses links from other sites to determine where to rank your site in its search results. The more important Google considers the sites that link to you, the more important it will consider yours. (For more details than you could possibly want see this article complete with equations.)

Incidentally (according to Google) the Southwark Diocesan website has 16 pages containing the word vocations - and no links to this blog. An incoming link from the Southwark site would probably help boost your Google-visibility.

I suppose that this comment will do nothing to help me shed the nickname "Data"!

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks Data.

Anonymous said...

my friends and colleagues are dead against my decision wouldn't do their vehemence justice!
-- heh, I can relate! Some people think I'm crazy!

That feedback must be really encouraging! :D

Graham said...

Ahh .... this information is also of use to the 'other' diocese!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the person who wrote that letter. It's good to hear that people struggle with their discernment - and even better to hear that there are means available to work through those struggles. It's important to see some vulnerability sometimes...