Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back Home

I got back to the parish last night after a wonderful week in Yorkshire. I'll probably do a few more posts on it to encourage others to visit some of the Catholic sites up there. I'm even toying with the idea of arranging a Seekers' Trip. It would be good fun.

Anyhow it was back to business in the parish today. We had over 1200 people at Mass this weekend, a good increase on our usual figure (just over 1100). I spen the afternoon catching up on the correspondence that had piled up while I was away. Tonight I've been dealing with emails - only another 160 to go but if I don't stop now I won't get a post up today.

After the evening Mass I gave a Vocations Presentation to our young adults' group, Forum Christi. We showed 'Fishers of Men' and then I spoke about the different sorts of vocation in the Church and how to go about discerning what Christ is asking of us. I think it went well. I was pleased to see that a number of people turned up specially for the talk and some have asked to come on our next 'Discovering Priesthood Day'.


Anonymous said...

Fr Stephen, you recommended this DVD during a chat we had at Maryvale. We showed it to our Confirmation group (14/15 year olds) and they loved it, both the boys and the girls. I have passed on your recommendation and our copy of the DVD to Confirmation groups in other parishes. Many thanks.

Fulgencio Espa said...

Yesterday 4 priests and me, also priest, were in my house, having dinner. They hadn't watch this DVD, and we saw it all togheter. They were impressed, and we are going to show it in our next pillgrimage, to Javier, next Marz, with more than 100 young people.
Please, Father and all the readers, try to pray for a little group of 6 people that are thinking to be priest. It's a great news to my parish. It's not normal in Spain, young people thinking to be priest. This DVD was very good for them, but I believe that it is better our orations.
Thank you.

Fr Stephen said...

It is a great video Anonymous and one that deserves to be widely available.
Fr Fulgencio we will certainly keep your lads in our prayers.