Wednesday, December 27, 2006

St John's Day with the Archbishop

The days after Christmas can be a bit quiet in a parish so we try to compensate by doing something special. For the last couple of years we've hosted a Vocations Day which has consisted of Holy Mass celebrated by the Archbishop, followed by a get-together and festal lunch. As always at the Holy Ghost we try to do things well. Here's a picture of the Archbishop before Mass with some of the forty Altar Servers who served the Mass. David organised the music and we had the Missa de Angelis with a nice selection of carols as well as the Puer Natus which sounded great.

As well as the Crib we have also have abeautiful carved image of the Infant Jesus. During the Octave of Christmas this is venerated by the people who come into the Church.
After Mass we went over to the presbytery and were able to catch up on news. We had seminarians from Wonersh and Valladolid present so we were able to hear about life in those two places. We also heard what people had been up to for Christmas. In ecclesiastical Snakes and Ladders Francis did the equivalent of landing on a snake when he told us that he went to Midnight Mass "at the Cathedral", meaning the other Cathedral. Err, Francis, that is the Archbishop of Southwark you're sitting next to... More black marks for Francis when some passing elves went up to him and asked "Are you the Bishop?" They were soon pointed in the right direction.

The Reindeer stayed outside, perched on our neighbour's scaffold, while meanwhile a distant jangling of bells gave way to a rather more immediate 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' and in came Santa. He would have come down the chimney but the Arch's chair was in the way. In case you can't read it, our Coca Cola-red Santa came in episcopal-green with envy and bearing a sign saying "Bloggo ergo sum!" (he doesn't have a Blog).

Santa proceeded to deal out presents for all present. A 'Stress Rocket' for the Archbishop was particularly well received. Here, Daniel is encouraged to exercise more by taking up basketball.

Later Tom struck a serious pose...

The Arch relaxed one...

And Daniel went in for something more seasonal...

After a glass of champagne we retired to the dining room for lunch.

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Fr Tim Finigan said...

Looks like a great first day. Congratulations on this excellent initiative.