Friday, December 22, 2006

Servants of Mary

This afternoon I had a visit from Mother Isabel, the superior of the Servants of Mary who have a convent in a neighbouring parish. The sisters have just had a visitation from their Mother General. Mother Isabel was telling me that it went very well, except that when it came for her to return to Rome the fog at Heathrow meant that her flight was cancelled - on three consecutive days!
One of the things the General raised with the sisters was the need to promote vocations to the religious life. Mother Isabel asked me why it is that these days priests often introduce girls to contemplative communities but don't seem to introduce them to any active ones. Now this Blog is dedicated to promoting priestly vocations, but I know from the comments box that it is read by a number of young women who are considering a religious vocation. I don't want to change the nature of the Blog, but I'm happy to post on some of the orders we have in the diocese if there's an interest. So it's over to you girls, what do you say? Would you like some info on religious life?

By the way, you can click this link to visit the Servants of Mary website. They are a nursing order who care for the sick by visiting them in their homes at night and simply attending to their needs. The photograph shows some of their novices. Mother Isabel has promised to send me some more pictures so we can do a fuller post later. I've also invited them to drop in during the Retreat so if you're coming you might meet some!


Anonymous said...

Yes please a little on sisters would be good whilst understanding that you don't want to change the nature/focus of this blog being for priestly vocations.

A female discerner (she of the "it's Saint Augustine!")

Fr Stephen said...

Active or contemplative?

Anonymous said...

Why not both as there may be out there those you are or will be called to either......but I think you're right that when it comes to also wanting orthodoxy many priests send towards enclosed so maybe to begin with more on "active" would be good...for me that seems to be the call but to those who combine the contemplative with the active...lots of prayer in chapel and devotions plus apostolate out in the world.

Thank you.

PS...can hunt things down myself quite nicely but thought you might be interested in feedback if you are to do a bit more on this with others in mind.