Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seekers' Meeting

Last Friday we had our monthly Seekers' Meeting. After the formal part of the evening there was a chance to go over to the Church to join our Advent Carol service then we met back at the presbytery for some 'fish n chips'. We have a very good chippy in the parish which I am happy to support because there is always a red APF Box on the counter. There was an amusing moment while I was waiting for the fish to be cooked. A young lad had obviously never heard of anyone ordering twenty portions of fish and chips before and he kept looking at me while it was being cooked. Finally he plucked up courage to ask, "Are you having a party?" His parents looked horrified, as if they'd just seen their son talking to someone from the Planet Zog. I don't suppose he's ever spoken to a priest before!

Fr James was mortified at being caught on camera in a somewhat relaxed state so we had to take this picture of him smartening up. If Kurt is looking a bit dishevelled do bear in mind that he had come hotfoot from a festal lunch at Wonersh to mark the end of term. It was all we could do to stop him breaking into a Magnificat antiphon (scroll down this Blog for a video of Kurt singing at Wonersh).

Finally Fr James is back to his usual sartorial state. Tomasz, always larger than life, manages to appear twice in this photo. If Mark looks like that after half a glass of wine just think what he was like by the end of the evening...

For more information about our monthly Seekers' Meetings send me an email by clicking this link.

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