Monday, December 18, 2006

Becoming a Priest

From time to time I get comments from people all over the world telling me that they read this blog and that it has helped them discern their vocation. I give God thanks for that and I keep them in my prayers.
I was thinking the other day about how to attract more people to this Blog - not in order to be able to compete with some of the other sites out on the blogosphere, but to respond to more people who might simply have a question about a vocation to the Catholic priesthood. I don't know much about how search engines work but their must be a way (without paying) to ensure that this Blog features when someone Googles a question about a vocation to be a priest.
I am sure someone out there can send me a comment with some advice and I would welcome it. In the meantime I reckon that if I keep repeating phrases like 'becoming a priest' or 'becoming a Catholic priest' there's a good chance that we'll appear when someone searches. What do you think?

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Fr Stephen said...

This is a comment to myself. I've just googled 'becoming a priest' and this post appears on the second page. So it works!