Saturday, December 02, 2006

Archbishop Vincent speaks out

Last Sunday Archbishop Vincent Nichols preached a powerful sermon in which he spoke of the importance of politicians working with faith communities and not trying to impose morality on them. His comments come as the Government prepares to impose new regulations (without any parliamentary debate) that would make it illegal, for example, for Catholic adoption agencies not to place children with homosexual couples.
In his sermon for the Feast of Christ the King the Archbishop said: "It is simply unacceptable to suggest that the resources of the faith communities, whether in schools, adoption agencies, welfare programmes, halls and shelters can work in co-operation with public authorities only if the faith communities accept not simply a legal framework but also the moral standards at present being touted by Government".
He accuses the secular agenda in this country of being "in fact engaged in an intense and at times aggressive re-shaping of our moral framework" and adds, "Those who are elected to fashion our laws are not elected to be our moral tutors. They have no mandate or competence to be so. The wise among them would not wish it either".

The Archbishop is voicing concern among Christians about the Sexual Orientation Regulations currently being forced through by the Government without debate. You can read the regulations for yourself by clicking this link.

In our Catholic schools we seek to present the ideal of marriage as a faithful, monagomous union between a man and a woman. Under the proposed regulations, as we have seen recently with Christian Unions in some universities, this could be challenged as discriminatory. For further information about how the regulations would affect what is taught in schools it is worth clicking here to download an explanatory document from the Christian Institute - you will be surprised to see what is being imposed on schools and well understand the Archbishop's concerns.

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