Saturday, December 09, 2006

Advent Service at Wonersh

Here is a short clip from the Advent Service at St John's Seminary, Wonersh, last Sunday. To mark the first Sunday of Advent the seminary organised an 'Open Day' inviting parents and friends of the students as well as anyone who may be considering a priestly vocation. After a meditation and a Holy Hour there was a service of psalms and reading in the Chapel. The students mingled with their guests while the Schola were vested in albs. This clip is of the Magnificat and gives you something of the flavour of the event.


Anonymous said...


Kurt said...

I was dreading watching this! Singing for the seminary community and guests is one thing. Seeing it played back on the internet is quite another!

Still, it's nice to hear it over again and realise that we sounded OK! It was wonderful to share our experience with the guests at the Advent Service.

Please keep us in your prayers this week as we begin our Christmas retreat.

Fr Stephen said...

It was wonderful.
Kurt, just embarass you further, let me point out to the blogosphere that in the close ups you are the second one from the top. That way they all know who to pray for in particular!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Father! This is so encouraging to see.

I liked your other post about the sizes of seminaries - I think it's important to nurture people considering a vocation, without focussing unnecessarily on quantity.

Fr Stephen said...

Hi Mark
Yes, I agree. It's always a mistake to be panicked into action. As Pope John Paul used to say, we have to pray and avoid the temptation to compromise for the sake of numbers. In Southwark we have some great seminarians. Please keep them in your prayers.