Saturday, November 25, 2006


On Monday morning I fly out to Spain (not with BA, of course) to visit Sam, Tom and William, our three students at the English College in Valladolid. I'm also looking forward to seeing Frankie - who was a professional comedian before applying for the priesthood and stayed with me while appearing in Panto last year.

The Real Colegio de los Ingleses in Valladolid is home to an unusual image of Our Lady, invoked under the title of La Vulnerata or 'the wounded One'. It is a pre-reformation image of Our Lady that was attacked with swords in a fit of anti-Catholic bigotry. The disfigured statue was rescued and made its way to Spain where it found a home in the seminary established by the Spanish King for the training of priests to return to serve the persecuted Church in England.

I googled 'La Vulnerata' and found this picture of the statue being carried in procession by the students. It is good that the College survives and that the link with our forefathers in the faith has not been lost.

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