Friday, November 17, 2006

The Dawkins Delusion

Fr Tim Finigan gives excellent talks on the writings of Richard Dawkins who seems to dedicate more time to writing against religion than at his own field of academic study. You'd be forgiven for not knowing, but he's a biologist by profession. One of the points Fr Tim makes is that Dawkins sets up "Aunt Sallys" in order to demolish them: the God Dawkins tasks himself with 'disproving' is one Christians don't believe exists anyway.

Dawkins continues his personal crusade against religion in his latest book, the "God Delusion". Recently, however, he met his match in a debate on Irish Radio with the journalist and philosopher David Quinn. I have transcripts of the debate but they are too long to put on this blog. You can, however, hear it for yourself by clicking this link. Once there, scroll down to Monday 9th October to hear the programme in question. The debate is from minutes 8-25 or so of the 59 minute programme. It is interesting that, as Quinn scores direct hits against his opponent, Dawkins gets more and more irritated. He doesn't quite ring the bell on the apoplectic scale, but I sure wouldn't like to be in the shoes of a timid undergrad reading out a paper to him at a tutorial!


Maronite Warrior said...

Quote Dawkins: "Stalin was a very very bad man"


I would have loved this to go on longer. Dawkins didn't answer any questions, just dodged them.

God Bless,


Fr Stephen said...

I fear that had it gone on longer Dawkins mights have exploded in a twentieth century big bang!

Anonymous said...

Quinn ain't a philosopher (in the strict sense), but a journalist. But what an able journalist!