Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Long Journey

When I told someone recently I had a Blog the response was a somewhat unexpected "Oh no! Not you too!", followed by an amusing account of what my interlocutor perceived to be a typical blog post: "This morning I got up. I shaved and had a shower. I went out of the house and saw a dog. It was a bit dog..." (cont. post 94!).
Well today nothing terribly exciting happened! I spent the day working on my three presentations for this Friday's in-service day on Vocations. I'm beginning to get nervous - priests are a difficult audience!

Tomorrow morning I need to leave very early in order to get to Birmingham by 9.00am. I have various connections with the Maryvale Institute and tomorrow we have a meeting with Bishop Miller from the Congregation for Education. If I can leave before the morning rush hour I should get there in good time. The Maryvale Institute specialises in catechesis and has developed a distance-learning programme that makes their courses accessible to people all over the world. One of its courses has been designed for men and women thinking of a priestly or religious vocation. It consists of a guided reading of the Catechism of the Catholic Church with a useful commentary. This year Maryvale celebrates its 25th anniversary and has organised a number of important events to mark the jubilee. Cardinal Newman used to live at Maryvale, which houses the first shrine of the Sacred Heart in England. Pictured on this post is a photo of the new Jubilee Icon commissioned for the anniversary.
On Wednesday I have my monthly Day of Recollection. Then on Thursday we have the visit of Fr Benedict Groeschel. We're very much looking forward to it and are expecting a full Church. I'm hoping to persuade Fr Benedict to give us a message for this blog - something more inspiring than what he had for lunch...

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