Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Word in his Ear?

Searching the wonderful Catholic Press Photo site today I spotted this picture of Pope Benedict XVI looking very much relaxed in the company of Cardinal George Pell of Sydney. It reminded me that a friend 'phoned the other day to say that Cardinal Pell will be staying in London tonight and 'was there anything I wanted to let him know?' All wonderful cloak and dagger stuff!
It is always fun meeting the Cardinal and generally at some point there's a good meal guaranteed!
At our recent Vocations Directors' conference the director of COPCA, Eileen Shearer, said that it was nonsense to suggest that under 18's & over 18's couldn't be mixed in our vocations work, or that the two groups couldn't go together to events like World Youth Day. 'We're not here to stop you doing your job', she said. So if I had a message for Cardinal Pell it would be simply that we're looking forward to seeing him in Sydney.

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