Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who am I? (Part 2 - The '60s)

Here's part two of the biography of our mystery character. Any guesses who it is? Send us a comment.

My folks were really quite cool and laid back about things most of the time: they generally let me do whatever I wanted. By the time I was 16 I had tried everything. Although my parents were quite liberal I nevertheless used to deceive both them and my teachers with a myriad of lies. I was too young, but I used to get into all sorts of shows and then act out in my life the things I saw there. When I was playing with my friends I was always intent on winning - even if it meant I had to cheat. I just had to excel in everything and be better than everyone else.
One day I was seen at the pool by my father in a compromising situation. He must have said something to my mum because she came down on me like a ton of bricks. Recently she'd started taking her Christian faith seriously and was beginning to worry that I was going to be 'lost'! Anyway, she gave me a right going over about how I shouldn't sleep with a girl - especially one who was married. I didn't pay her any attention. To me, it seemed like the typical advice mothers had to give their children...
Before long I was burning with a desire to experience the most diverse and basest satisfactions even though I felt myself being made unclean and brutalised by this need to placate my lusts. I was restless and anxious, only wanting to please myself, swept along by the desire to have sex.
If only there had been someone to help me out of my misery...!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who this is - or could it be Saint Augustine??...I can second guess at where you are going on this.....perhaps your aim is to show that the priesthood is not just for the 'pious' etc. However I think it only right to share this comment with you...have you stood back away from your own understanding of what you are trying to acheive in such a posting and thought...what impact will this have on someone who visits this blog for the first time and sees the posting? I think it could have a negative impact...bear in mind that not all visitors will be attuned to your sense of humour or irony. I write as one supportive of your 'cause' a pro Papa Ratzinger Catholic who prays regularly for vocations to the priesthood. I also pray that formation of those who accept the call will lead to them being good holy priests, faithful to the magisterium and compassionate pastors of their flock. Just not sure of the 'wisdom' of such a posting.

Fr Stephen said...

Hello Anonymous
Thanks for your comment and your suggestion as to who our biographer might be.
Thanks also for your prayers for vocations, and especially for those in formation. They are really necessary.
I did have a hesitation about this post, but in the context of an unfolding biography I thought it best to include it. If the last line hadn't been there ('If only there had been someone to help me out of my misery...) I wouldn't have posted it.
The overall purpose of this series of posts isn't to say that 'priesthood is not just for the pious'. It is to emphasise the priority of grace.
I appreciate your comment. Thanks for making it.