Monday, October 23, 2006

Where I will be tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I am driving to a small village in Hertford-shire called Hare Street. I'll be staying overnight at Hare Streeet House, which was once the home of Mgr Robert Hugh Benson. On his death it was left to the Archbishops of Westminster and, with Papal approval, was subsequently established as a house of re-creation for priests.

It is a wonderful old house which is used by a number of priests' groups. There is an in-Chapel where we can celebrate Holy Mass and reserve the Blessed Sacrament for our prayer and devotion. Sadly this is not the fine old Chapel Benson would have known - which has been converted back into a bedroom - but it serves our purposes nonetheless. In the garden a small Church has been built and it is here that Benson is buried.
I will be there overnight. Tomorrow afternoon I'm giving a talk on 'Pastoral Approaches to Humanae Vitae'. In some sectors the phrase 'pastoral approach' has meant 'ways to get round the Church's teaching'. What I hope to show is that 1. the Church's teaching makes sense, 2. ignoring it damages human relationships, and 3. we can teach it convincingly to our people.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the talk, Father. While it may be difficult (depending on the audience), it's good to know that a priest is prepared to have this discussion. We lay folk need this type of teaching from our priests and bishops.

I detect that more and more younger priests are willing to tackle the difficult moral issues, rather than just the social ones. I know, too, that more and more young Catholics want and need this type of leadership and teaching.

Fr Stephen said...

Yes I agree. I think a lot of older priests didn't really understand the devastation that would be wreaked on people's moral and emotional lives by compromising the Church's teaching. We have a lot of ground to recover.