Sunday, October 01, 2006

Valladolid - The First Picture!

Here is a photo of the new men studying at the English College in Spain this year. There seem to be eighteen of them and we wish them all well, promising to keep them in our prayers. Three of them - Sam, Tom and William - are from Southwark. And we also recognise Frankie Doodle (Mulgrew) from Salford.
Come on Wonersh - where are you?


William said...

Having a great time here in Valladolid. We're currently staying in the Country House, where the photo is taken, as the entire Bishopes Conference of England and Wales is presently staying in the College! We had a very good dinner with them all on Mon. Sam, Tom and I sat at table with the Archbishop and afterwards he gave us a blessing. We feel very blessed to be here.

All good wishes,


Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for the comment Will. It's good to hear from you. So you're still living it up at the villa? At Wonersh they're already knuckling down to philosophy - made more interesting by the fact that the prof's lost his voice and has to type out his lectures using an overhead projector. I hear Kurt's already gnawed his way through two benches in an effort to curb his giggles!