Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Seekers' Meetings

Last Friday we had our first Seekers' Meeting of the new term. It seemed a long time since the last time we met and, of course, since then a lot the regular members of the group had started at seminary. One of our new seminarians, Kurt, was able to join us for the evening and both amuse and edify us with tales of life at St. John's, Wonersh.

Seekers' Meetings take place each month on a Friday evening. There is an input on some aspect of Christian life which we follow with a bit of a get-together and a meal. They are a good way for young men to be encouraged by the presence and example of others like themselves who are considering a priestly vocation.

There will be two more Seekers' Meetings this term. They will take place on the third Friday of the month: 17th November & 15th December. For more information, or to join the Seekers' Group please email me by clicking here.
Please pray for our Seekers.

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