Monday, October 02, 2006

Seekers' Meetings

Each month, as part of our Southwark Vocations programme, we hold a "Seekers' Meeting". We generally attract between a dozen and sixteen participants - but with eight men just starting their new lives at seminary I guess we will be fewer this term.
The Seekers' Meetings serve a number of purposes. First of all, they provide an opportunity for young men to come together and meet others who, like them, are considering God's call to the priesthood. In that way friendships are born and encouragement it given.
Secondly, the Seeker's Meetings give candidates a chance to meet and get to know the diocesan vocations team. It works both ways of course. If I know a student through the Seekers' Meetings I feel more confident about giving my opinion to the Archbishop.
Thirdly, the Seekers' Meetings have some spiritual input: their is a reflection on some aspect of Christian life and the generosity of our response to God's call. In that way everyone who comes can benefit even if they realise eventually that they are not being called to priesthood.
The seekers' Meetings consist of a talk at 7pm followed by a meal. The meal is important not just to feed those who come, but also by giving them the chance to exercise virtues and to serve each other by preparing everything and washing up afterwards!
This term the Seekers' Meetings will take place on the third Friday of the month. For more information email me by clicking the following link: Seekers Meetings.

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