Monday, October 30, 2006

In Service Training Day

Next week, as part of the Diocesan Ongoing Formation, we are holding an In-Service Training day on promoting priestly vocations. So far not many priests have signed up for it - in fact only one! I hope we will be able to generate more interest.

I think it is interesting that courses on how to use computers or offering pointers on how we might improve our sermons seem to be well attended. There is something deep within the English psyche that makes us very pragmatic - if something is of immediate use and application we value it. If it's usefulness is more obscure we tend to dismiss it. This probably explains why English seminarians find it so hard to get to grips with philosophy. There is an inherent danger in our mentality: it makes us vulnerable to the possibility that the urgent will take priority over the important. It makes it hard to plan for long-term objectives and can leave us always reacting to situations, in effect chasing our tail.

I hope more priests will sign up for the study day on 10th November and not just because it would be good to see that the priests of our diocese really see vocations work as a priority. Additionally, we have a lot to learn from the experience of our priests. Having just taken over as Vocations Director I hope to learn from them as I begin to think about our plans for the future of vocations promotion in the diocese.

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