Saturday, October 21, 2006

Congratulations James & Nicole

Today we have marriage prep-aration. There are about ten couples signed up for the course which we run three times a year. It's a small group today because winter weddings aren't that popular.
As part of our marriage preparation couples are taught a different understanding of human sexuality from the one most of them have picked up from their secular backgrounds. We draw on the theology of the body to help them understand love in a new way and the sexual expression of that love as the most intimate gift of self which belongs, therefore, within the stable and life-long commitment of marriage.
We also teach Natural Family Planning. Our teacher is Nicole Syed who runs an NFP centre in Soho. Nicole has been a tremendous success and has really helped couples to change lifestyles and understand their sexual love in a more complete way. She has been an inspiration to our couples. One our parishioners even gave up a high-powered job in order to learn how to teach NFP herself. Nicole has also helped some of our parishioners achieve pregnancy when they were experiencing difficulties, and to spot the signs of hormonal imbalances that could have led to miscarriages.
In September Nicole married James Parker and so will come back to the parish today as Nicole Parker. This morning I received an email from her with a wedding photo. I am sure you agree they look a great couple.

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