Friday, October 27, 2006

Cheeky, but worth thinking about...

Kurt was over today on his half-term break from the seminary. Between sorting my Outlook files and teaching me to post videos to Youtube, he mentioned that there was a German version of one of my posts on this blog. What? Had he gone mad? No, he was quite sure that, as he randomly googled a Spanish phrase from the post, he had turned up two occurences, one in English & one in German. So after lunch we checked and did indeed find the post "How Generous are you?" on the Berufe der Kirche Speyer site. I was amused to see it introduced with the comment: "Frech, aber wert, mal drueber nachzudenken" - "Cheeky, but just worth thinking about!". We get a number of hits from Germany & Austria. Now I know why.

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