Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yesterday´s post was about the patronal feast in the parish of Los Santos de la Humosa. I was only present for the celebrations in the morning because that evening I had to preside at the Mass and Procession in the parish where I´m staying: Santorcaz.
The Mass began at 7pm. The Church was packed and I had three servers to help. There was also a professional choir with a variety of instruments including a Mandolin - all very reminiscent of Captain Corelli!
Everyone listened attentively during the sermon, and there wasn´t even the usual shout of ´Where´s he from?´by the villiage idiot (I´ve grown accustomed to such interjections!). After Mass three girls were enrolled into the Fraternity of Santorcaz which meant that I had to bless oversized blue scapulars, sprinkle them with holy water, and impose them with great solemnity on the candidates.
Then, as the choir continued singing popular Marian hymns, I headed off with the servers to the impressive sacristy to change into a Cope for the the Procession. The Statue of Our Lady was already fixed firmly to an anda or processional float that was manouvred with some dexterity by the ladies of the Fraternity out of the Church and then through the streets of Santorcaz. The whole procession was accompanied by singing except the last fifty metres or so of steep upwards slope back to the Church.
Afterwards we were treated to cakes and alcoholic lemonade in the Square in the shade of the ruins of the old palace of the bishops of Toledo.

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