Friday, September 08, 2006

Priestly Fraternity

As well as giving us time to rest, holidays are also great opportunities to learn from other people. Sometimes young people tell me that they would rather join a religious order than the diocesan priesthood because they perceive the latter as a lonely existence. (I have to say that not infrequently it´s a thought planted by religious anxious to get vocations for their own orders. Listen bro´s, let´s not play dirty here! I´ll limit my comments to what´s specific about a secular as opposed to a religious vocation if you do the same!)
While in Madrid I visited San Quintin, a centre where diocesan priests and seminarians can meet up each week for some spiritual input, a meal, a bit of a get-together as well as spiritual direction and confession. San Quintin also offers monthly days of recollection and the possibility of an annual retreat. It´s a great way of bringing priests together, of helping them maintain a strong spiritual life, and of keeping them up to date with diocesan initiatives as well as those of the Holy Father. It is also a great source of vocations for the seminary. The vocations initiatives of San Quintin are impressive - but more about those in another post!

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