Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today I am leaving the parish of Santorcaz and heading north towards Huesca. The final destination is the Shrine of Our Lady of Torreciudad where I will be joining a group of about forty priests for a convivencia. There will be talks on the faith, particularly recent magisterial documents, as well as plenty of time to share experiences and learn from each other. There are excellent sports facilities at Torreciudad which is situated at the foot of the Pyrenees - so plenty of exciting walks as well. The convivencia is a good way for priests to re-charge their batteries, rest, pray and make new friends. I am looking forward to it.
I don´t know whether I will have access to the internet while I'm there - so this may be the last post until I get back to England on 25th September.
Hasta la vista!

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