Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Today I took some of our servers to "Summertime", the Southwark Altar Servers' Summer Camp. "Summertime" started in 1991 when Fr Chris Basden and I organised a week at Aylesford for Servers. In those days we used to do various things including a trip to West Malling to visit Bishop John Jukes. A number of seminarians would come along to help run the week and Fr Vincent Flynn still has funny stories of those early years.
These days "Summertime" is organised by Fr Stephen Boyle and takes place at Woldingham. He is being helped by Fr James & Fr John & Fr Marcus. Fr Stephen is the diocesan chaplain to the Guild of St Stephen. Over forty servers have gathered at Woldingham for this year's "Summertime". Many of them have been in previous years and it was good to see how readily they catch up with friends from past events.
In Spain 'convivencias' for altar servers have always been a good source of priestly vocations. Talking to some of the lads at Woldingham this week I am sure Fr Stephen's efforts will bear similar fruits.

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